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RM Etiquette and Protocol empowers businesses and individuals with a competitive edge to perform immaculately, by providing world-class etiquette and protocol customized training seminars in Montreal, Dubai and Beirut for today's aggressive business arena. Regardless of your company size or industry, Rouaida’s customized and interactive business etiquette training seminars will put you on a path for success.

Rouaida Malaeb

Global Business Etiquette | Protocol Consultant | Corporate Trainer

Founder & President


Rouaida Malaeb is the Founder and the President of RM Etiquette and Protocol Consultancy. She is a Global Speaker and Corporate trainer in International Business Etiquette, Professional Presence, Dining Etiquette and International Relations.

She was born in Lebanon and currently resides between Montreal, Dubai and Beirut. Rouaida has previously lived in Spain, Los Angeles and various cities in North America, thus enriching her knowledge about Cross-Cultural differences and realizing the importance of cross-cultural understanding.

She strongly believes that Etiquette is an art that we can master in order to communicate positively and make a difference.

Rouaida is an Etiquette Expert Certified by The Protocol School of Washington ®.
She will train you on how to outshine the competition, convey a professional image and develop international perspective through her dynamic, informative meetings and training seminars around the world.




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